Courage and its Indelible Mark

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One of the fascinating stories about courage is that of the martyr, Mathias Mulumba. The story of Mathias Mulumba is a great portrayal of courage in all ramifications without an inch of doubt. His death was the most spectacular of other martyrs of Uganda. While other martyrs were taken to a village named Namugo for prosecution, Mathias requested to be taken to Old Kampala for his prosecution.  During the moment of his death, he told his murderers, “Surely, God will deliver me but you would not see how he does it. He will take my soul and leave you my body.” He was said to have passed through a painful death because he was dismembered and roasted. His death was said to have lasted for three days, May 27th – 30th, 1886. This is a complete show of courage, even in the face of trouble, Mulumba still stood his ground on christianity and his adherence and love towards his religion. 


The story of the martyrs of Uganda is one that begets and illuminates courage. There can be no greater display of courage than this. Seeing your colleagues and fellow believers killed because they speak or accept the same religion which you adhere to, is enough reason to set people aback and make them denounce their worship to the christian God, but these followers of christ had a strong conviction of the eternal salvation Christ breathed on them. They had a strong belief that their souls would be saved. They had a strong perception on the benefits of the followership of christ teachings, so they stuck to their guns. Way back, in a more ancient time, the killings and persecutions of Christians were very rampant all over the world. Their prosecutors saw them to be a big threat to their heathen practices, some religions saw them as a threat to their dominance, so they did everything to put an end to christianity. The power and benefits of courage is revealed in the escapades of the early Christians. Currently, in present times the persecution of Christians have been mitigated drastically in several regions of the world as compared to the earlier times, this can basically be attributed to the courage that was exhibited by the early christinans even in the face of death. If they had fallen to the whims and caprices of their prosecutors, and subscribed to renouncing their faith, there would be no christianity today. Courage is a fire that burns for eternity, it yields a result that lives a long lasting mark on the future. 


The exhibition of courage does not only take its stance in the religious context, it has a reflection in every aspect of our lives as humans. In certain scenarios we are struck with issues, decisions, beliefs that would require us to exhibit such courage. In our dealings with our family members, in our places of work, within our friends, there is the constant need for us to portray courage within our circle. Sometimes we are set on a pedestal, where we have to make decisions that might not be favourable to us or decisions that abuse our right principles, it only takes courage to find that voice to negate these decisions or actions expected of us. Have you found yourself where you are being forced or expected by your boss at work, to do certain things that would dent your morals and principles? Knowing that if you do something contrary to his expectation, it might cost you a lot, including demotion or probably losing your job? When placed in situations like this, there is no other thing to do than to exhibit that courage that burns in you. Doing the contrary, protecting your energy, your dignity, your principles as a moral inclined person, is what reiterates the courage in you.


Your courage would always be tested in different ways. This test can come as a threat to your life, that of your loved ones or even your properties. It can also come as the desire to acquire material things or the urge to enjoy the pleasures of life. Low economic and social status also have a way of depleting your courage because those at the upper social class would aim at suppressing and subjecting you at the slightest opportunity they can get. In battling health issues, your courage is being tested and every time, the enemy is waiting at the corner to watch you give up on your courage. See your courage as a garment, no matter the hardship or torment that strikes you, always hold on to that garment and wear it with pride. 


In conclusion, courage has an indelible feature on your belief, personality, religion, and dignity. Also, being steadfast to your courage, has a lot of connection to Christ. You should always seek the face and aid of Christ if you truly want to be courageous, because the problems you are prone to encounter in life, would supersede your human strength and will, but only with the help and grace of God, would you remain courageous. So, when you wake and kneel to devote yourself to Christ, you should always make it a prayer point to ask God for the strength to be steadfast in your courage. This way and only through this way would you be able to grow in courage.


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